Take action for animals today!

Want to help animals and don't know where to start? Find and select an action below to find out how you can be a hero for animals!

Activism at school

Choose animals for your school project!

Adopt a forever friend

Make a new friend and save a life!

Animal photography

Capture your love for animals with this fun action!

Animal rights book covers

Decorate your book covers with kind messages!

Artwork for animals

Bake kind

Help animals by making a tasty treat!

Chalk it up

Spread the word about caring for animals on a footpath near you!

Clean up your neighbourhood

Go and clean your street

Cook a kind meal

Make something yummy and help animals!

Create a poster

Spread the message about helping animals!

Do a beach clean up

Collecting rubbish on the beach can save lives

Email to ban greyhound racing

Message the Minister of Racing today!

Fundraise for animals

Raise money to help organisations that help animals

Give it up for animals

Help animals by giving up your phone, electricity or even chocolate

Join SAFE Animal Squad

Become part of the kind club today!

Make a library display

Help others help animals!

Plant a garden

Plant flowers in your backyard to help out our buzzy friends!

Pledge to go dairy free

You can help cows by choosing what you eat

Race for animals

Get out there and raise awareness for animal issues!

Request kind lunches

Ask your school canteen to provide plant-based lunches

Speak up for animals

Talk the talk to help animals in need

Spread the word – dogs in hot cars

Let people know that it is never okay to leave a dog in a car

Start an animal rights club

Inspire action for animals!

Support a petition

Collect signatures to help a worthy cause

Throw an animal-friendly birthday party

Celebrate with kindness!

Wonderful writing

Get your creative juices flowing with this fun action!

Write a letter

Tell the world how you feel about animal cruelty!