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If you can choose a topic for your school project, why not pick animals?



Doing a project about animals shows others how much you care about them. You will find out some amazing facts which you can then teach to others.


You may be asked to make an informative poster, write about an important issue or even deliver a speech to your class. Sometimes you even get the chance to pick your own topic. This can be almost as difficult as finishing the project! Luckily the action kit is full of ideas on what to research.

You could choose to focus on a particular animal or issue. The topics are endless. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Life on a factory farm
  • Animal testing 
  • Animals in entertainment – a life of no fun
  • Hunting – a deadly sport
  • How going veg can save animals
  • How fishing hurts more than just fish
  • Endangered species and how we can help save them

Top tip: Make sure you choose a topic that you are really interested in. This will make doing the work more fun and you are more likely to spend lots of time perfecting it.


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