Pledge to go dairy free and we will send you out some awesome stickers plus a few more goodies!

Did you know that in order for cows to produce milk, they must first give birth to a baby cow? The baby cow, or calf, is separated from their mother after just a few hours of them being born. Many of these calves will be killed at only a few days old. Want to learn more about why eating and drinking dairy is not kind to animals?

Dairy cows and calves


Taking this pledge means that you agree to not eat or drink dairy products for a whole 31 days! That means no dairy milk, ice cream, cheese, cream or butter. Don’t worry, there are plenty of kind options to keep your body healthy and your tummy happy. We have all the information you need to know about going dairy free.

Kind Options Guide


If you already live a dairy free lifestyle, you are more than welcome to take the pledge anyway. Let your friends know, too!


You are also welcome to upload a picture to share in the gallery below.


Dairy free pledge

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