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Take an animal photo to show the world how much you love animals!



Taking photos of animals is a must-do hobby for any animal lover! We can appreciate our animal friends from afar without disturbing them or keeping them in captivity. The only way we should be shooting animals is with our cameras!


All you will need is a camera and a subject to photograph. It could be your companion animal or someone in the wild. Let your creativity be your guide and check out our tips below for capturing the perfect image.

Top tips:

  • You don’t need a fancy camera for this activity. A digital camera or even a mobile phone can capture that magical shot.
  • Make sure you consider the location of your photo – getting rid of clutter or moving slightly to exclude anything that takes the focus away from your subject can take your photo from zero to hero with very little effort.
  • Try using a filter once you have taken your photo to add mood.
  • When taking photos of a companion animal, you may want to try using a toy or treat to encourage them to pose as you would like them to.
  • Try taking photos from a different perspective. You may want to get lower or higher depending on what the animal is doing.
  • If you are taking a photo of a wild animal, remember to keep still and quiet. You may need to wait a little to get that perfect shot. Consider leaving out a few pieces of grain or seeds to encourage them to come closer.
  • Never confine or disturb an animal when taking a photo. This can be frightening and stressful for them. A photo will look much better anyway when the animal is acting naturally and is relaxed.