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Plant some bee-friendly flowers in your backyard.


Bees need flowers to collect nectar and pollen to make honey for their hives. You can help them!


When bees fly from flower to flower, they help pollinate the flower, meaning that the plant can create new seeds and fruit!

You can help them out by planting a few (or many) flowers around your garden. Not only do they help our buzzy friends, but flowers also look and smell beautiful too! You could even plant flowers in a pot and have them by your window so you can see bees collecting pollen up close.

Top tip: Although they look nice and fuzzy, bees should never be touched. You could end up hurting them and they can sting you if they feel threatened.

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What you'll need

A spot in the garden or a pot and potting mix
Gardening tools (such as gardening gloves or a spade)
Seeds or starter plants (starter plants are easier to raise than seeds!)
Watering can or hose


  • Choose what flowers you would like to plant.
  • Make sure you have a space that is suitable for the type of flower you are planting. Some flowers thrive in sunlight, for example, while others might like the shade or to be away from the wind. The seed packet will tell you what conditions are best. Gardening books are a wonderful resource too!
  • Water your seeds or plants and weed your garden regularly – this can take up to 30 minutes per week. Notice the wildlife that it attracts with its colour and smell. Your flowers may attract other small creatures such as ants, beetles, butterflies and moths.
  • Watch your beautiful plants grow!