What is kind kai?

Kind food is animal-friendly kai. The food you eat says how you think animals should be treated. The best way to help animals is to uses other kai instead of animal products.

But what about my favourite kai? Or treats like Ice cream and chocolate?

Don’t worry, there are plenty of kind options for your favourite kai and treats too. It’s easy!


A good breakfast gives you the energy to start the day right. That’s what makes it the most important meal of the day! These recipes will help to keep you satisfied until lunch.


Lunch is your time to refuel. It brings back your energy and refocuses your mind so you can make the most of your day. Pack your lunch with lots of fruit and vegies to energise.


Make every dinner something to look forward to. These delicious plant-based meals are filled with flavour and all the good things that will keep you full.


Snacks fuel you in between meals and help keep you going. We have some delicious and easy to make snacks packed with energy for you to make.