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Ask your school canteen to provide plant-based (vegan) lunches.



The best way we can show our love for animals is by not eating them. Check to see what options your school has for students who do not want to eat animal products. If there are none, ask your school to provide its students with a healthy plant-based option for the benefit of animals and the environment.


For those who are too busy or want a treat, the school canteen is the perfect place to find something tasty for lunch. 

It is important to have a school canteen that provides options for kids who don’t want to eat animal products.

Requesting food free from animal products not only means you can enjoy a bought lunch but also means your schoolmates can also experience delicious and kind food.


  • Think of some examples of vegan products or kind meals you would like to see in your school canteen.
  • Get your classmates and teacher to sign a petition in support of your request for kind food.
  • Let your school know how important this change is to you. You may need to set up a meeting with your principal or canteen manager to present your case.
  • If you feel like this action is too tricky, find a supportive friend, teacher or caregiver who can help you out.