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Step 1: Choose something to give up. Here are some ideas:

  • Food – animal products (meat, milk, eggs, etc.), chocolate, lollies, fast food.
  • Technology – cell phone, tv, video games, computer, tablet, internet, electricity.
  • Other – using your voice, private cars (walk, bike or bus instead), your freedom (staying in a cage).

You may not wish to give up anything! Perhaps you want to take up a good habit instead, like picking up litter in the neighbourhood every day or pledging to go cruelty-free.


Step 2: Decide how long you will give up the habit or item you have chosen. It could be anywhere from one hour to one year.

Research suggests that a habit can take anywhere between 18 days to one year to break!


Step 3: Choose a way to raise money and get supporters, and where you would like to donate the money to. Want to learn more?

How to fundraise for animals


Step 4: Give it up for animals.


Step 5: Share your pictures with us using the link at the top of the page!