Why care about animals?

Imagine if you were a different animal, such as a cow, pig, chicken, rat, or rabbit. Would you want to be kept in a cage or killed and eaten, or have your skin used for shoes, bags, clothes and furniture?

Probably not, so why do we do this to other animals?

People who support animal rights recognise that animals deserve their own rights. This is because animals have thoughts and feelings; they feel pain and pleasure, just like humans.

What is animal rights?

Animal rights is the idea that animals have the right to be free and live out their own lives as they wish. This idea recognises that animals are not on this earth for our benefit. This means that animals should not be farmed, used for entertainment or experimented on.

What do you think?

Key issue - factory farming

Factory farming is a way of farming animals where many animals are kept in a small space. Factory farmed animals are often kept in cages which are sometimes stacked on top of each other. Animals are usually confined inside. Often the environmental conditions, such as light and temperature, are automatically controlled. Food and water delivery and waste disposal can be automatic as well. In some cases, waste is not removed at all while the animals are in these factory farms.

The question is not ‘Can they think?’ nor ‘Can they talk’ but ‘Can they suffer?’

Jeremy Bentham, an English Philosopher, and legal scholar, once famously stated that when deciding if a being should have rights.