Why care about animals?

Imagine for a moment that you are an animal, such as a chicken. Would you want to be locked in a small barren cage and made to produce eggs for your whole life? 

Probably not, so why do we do that to them?

People who support animal rights recognise that animals have rights that should be respected. This is because we know that animals have their own thoughts and feelings. They feel joy and pleasure, fear and pain.

What is animal rights?

Animal rights is the idea that animals have the right to be free and to live their lives as they choose. This idea recognises that animals are not on this earth for our benefit. This means that animals should not be farmed, used for entertainment or experimented on.


What do you think?

Animal Issues

The first step in helping animals is to learn about them and the issues they face. Once you become aware of an issue you can then help put an end to it. From factory farming to animal testing, the Animal Squad has lots of resources to help you.


Check out the animal issues pages below.

Take action for animals

Taking action for animals is a wonderful way to help, as well as to show others how passionate you are about animals. We have heaps of ideas on how you can take action to make a difference for animals.

Check out the actions below or head over to our Action Kit.