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Create a poster about animals.



A poster is a great way to spread the message about animals and how you can help them.


You could make a poster about any animal topic you like.

There are three key points to creating a good display:

  1. The information – introduce the animal and explain why it is special, explain how the animal is mistreated and provide some solutions for how people can help this animal.
  2. The look – colours and pictures will help catch people’s eye and hold their attention. Make sure any writing is easy to read.
  3. The feel – have fun and enjoy making your project, that way your love of animals is sure to shine through.


Need some information for your poster?

Animal Facts


Animal Issues

What you'll need

Poster paper
Pens and pencils
Coloured paper
Photos or drawings


  • Do your research so that your display is full of facts and useful information.
  • Create artwork or find photos that you wish to use.
  • Put it all together. Create your poster by adding the text and pictures.
  • Hang your poster for everyone to see! 
  • Here are some ideas for where to display your poster:
    • Your classroom
    • The school library
    • A community notice board
    • Or even your bedroom


Top tips

  • Write your information onto a separate piece of paper or type it up on a computer rather than writing directly onto the poster. This makes it easier to erase mistakes!
  • Make sure you include your name so that people know who made the display. They might want to ask questions about the issue or even help you make the next one!