Ready to share your amazing baking?


Do some vegan baking and share with your friends.


Not only are you making animal-free treats but you’re showing people how delicious vegan baking is and encouraging them to eat kind. You can even ask for a donation to help animals in need.

There can be different reasons why someone may be reluctant to try veganism. One of the biggest barriers is not knowing that vegan food can taste just as good, if not better, than food that has been made with animal products! Cookies, cakes, muffins and more can all be made using kind ingredients. 


Vegan baking means that you don’t use any ingredients made from animals, such as meat, fish, cheese, milk, eggs and honey.

I know eating meat harms animals, but what’s the problem with eggs?

Lots of baked goods are made with eggs. A lot of the eggs for sale are from caged chickens. The chickens that lay these eggs are kept in cramped cages for their entire lives.

What about ‘cage free’ eggs?

Cage-free eggs or barn eggs sound like a kinder alternative, however the hens that lay them are kept in large, overcrowded sheds. They may also have had their beaks trimmed without pain relief. How awful!

Surely free-range eggs are good for chickens?

Chickens on free-range farms may have access to the outdoors but they still get killed when they start laying fewer eggs. Did you know that chickens can live for up to 12 years?

But what about dairy? I thought cows made milk for us?

Cows actually make milk for their calves, much like how your mum made milk for you when you were a baby. Because the farmer wants the cow’s milk, he must separate her from her newborn calf. The calf either grows up to become another dairy cow or is killed.

Bees don’t suffer when they make honey. Surely eating honey is fine, right?

Bees actually make honey for themselves to keep them alive over winter. When we take the honey from a hive, we replace it with sugar water, which is not as nutritious. In some cases it is cheaper for beekeepers to destroy a hive once the honey is collected than feeding the bees over winter. How terribly sad!

Can I replace animal products with something kind?

Yes! Most non-vegan ingredients can be replaced with kind alternatives.

Kind Options Guide

Do you have any kind recipe ideas?

Recipe Ideas

What you'll need

A recipe that is free from animal products
All the ingredients you will need for that recipe
A kitchen


  • Choose one of our yummy recipes or use a favourite of yours.
  • Check you have all of the ingredients. You may need to go grocery shopping before you start. Make sure you replace all animal products with kind alternatives. 
  • Prepare your baking space – make sure it’s clean and you have enough bowls, baking trays, etc.
  • Get baking! Remember, you may need help from an adult with some steps. Take care when heating food and using cutting tools.
  • Share your delicious creation with friends and family.