Chickens are intelligent and social creatures. They prefer to spend their time with their flock, scratching and foraging for tasty treats, dust bathing and snoozing in the sun.


Cows are wonderfully curious and sensitive beings. They form strong bonds with others in their herd as well as with their human companions.


Much like us, pigs love to cuddle and play. They are extremely intelligent and have excellent memories. They also enjoy listening to music. How cool is that?


Sheep are super intelligent. They can remember the faces of over 50 other sheep and recognise a friend even after being separated for years.


Seals are a group of animals known as pinnipeds. There are 33 known living species of pinnipeds and 50 extinct ones. Seals were almost hunted to extinction in New Zealand during the 1700s.


Horses are sensitive and strong. Did you know that horses can’t see in full colour? It was once believed that they were colour blind but we now know that they can see some colours.


Bees are needed to help many food crops and wild plants thrive. Did you know that bees can be found on every continent of the world except for Antarctica?


Dive into the fascinating world of octopuses. These mysterious creatures of the deep may be strange to look at, but they are incredible beings.


Cats are curious and intelligent. They are the most popular companion animals in the world today. Most people love cats, even though the feeling might not be returned!


Mice are clever and social creatures. They love to come out at night and nibble on treats. Mice tend to live in forests or fields but sometimes they can end up in your home!


Rabbits are just amazing! They are smart, playful and social. They live in groups in burrows called warrens.


Whales are wonderful. When surfacing, they can show a range of displays including breaching, spouting of water and tail slapping. Have you ever seen a whale display?


When you see ducks peacefully floating in local rivers, lakes and wetlands you would never imagine they are in danger from humans.


Giraffes are amazing. Despite our love of these beautiful and sensitive creatures, they are facing extinction in the wild.


Dogs are one of the most popular companions for humans. They are intelligent and social and have been companions for humans for many thousands of years.


Possums are small nocturnal marsupials and are native to Australia. They are good at climbing trees and jumping from branch to branch.


A fish is a limbless, cold-blooded, vertebrate animal with gills and fins who lives in the water. Fish are simply amazing. They are sentient, which means they can feel pain just like humans.


Goats are intelligent and curious. They enjoy a life of exploring and adventure. Goats share many similarities with other animals such as sheep and cows.


Frogs can be found on every continent except for Antarctica. Because New Zealand is so isolated, we have some very unique frogs that are unlike any other in the world!


Dolphins are absolutely incredible. They are known for their playful personalities, high intelligence and the distinctive noises they make.