You can make the world a better place for animals by not eating them.

But where to start?

Sometimes it can feel overwhelming when you or your family decide to stop eating a product you’ve always known and loved. SAFE Animal Squad is here to help. Replacing animal products is easy with this handy guide!

Egg-free options

In baking, egg acts as a binder and can be easily swapped

Eggs act as a binder, so depending on what you are doing, there are lots of different swap options!

Commercial egg replacers:

Orgran egg replacer

Follow your heart Vegan egg


Scrambled egg:




Chickpea flour


Egg for binding in baking:

1tbsp ground chia seed + 1/3c water

1tbsp ground flaxseed + 3tbsp water

½ banana

3tbsp peanut butter

4tbsp apple sauce

Ditching Dairy

There are so many plant milks: almond, soy, oat, rice, coconut… Try them all to find the one that suits you.

We’ve got you covered with other dairy-free products:


Kind cheese

Top off your pizzas, burgers and pastas with the growing variety of animal-friendly cheeses. New Zealand’s has many wonderful local brands such as Veesey and Zenzo. Angel Food produces melting mozzarella which is even available as an option at Hells Pizza!


Kind cream

There are some cream replacers such as Alpro, but you could also try whipping up a can of coconut cream. Just be sure to get one without additives and emulsifiers so you can separate out the water. If you like cream cheese, Angel Foods make a fantastic.


Kind butter

There are plenty of dairy-free margarines. Try Olivani or Nuttelex.


Kind yoghurt

Try Coconut Collaborative, Zenzo, Cathedral Cove, Raglan Coconut Yoghurt, Kingland or Alpro desserts which are available in a range of flavours.


Kind ice cream

Dairy-free ice cream, made with soy or coconut milk, is just as rich and creamy as dairy ice cream. Try So Good, Like Licks, Coyo Ice Cream and Little Island. There are also a range of animal-friendly, vegan, sorbet in many supermarkets.


Kind chocolate

Did you know that Sweet William and Moo Free are vegan? Many of the Whittaker’s dark chocolate range are vegan-friendly, and so are some other brands. Just check the label to make sure they are dairy-free!

What about meat?

There are plenty of meat-free options out there! Here are just some of them.


These products are available in the frozen department at most supermarkets. They offer a tasty range of food like pies, schnitzel, burgers, chicken-free nuggets and sausages.


Sunfed is a New Zealand based company that makes chicken-free chicken found in selected supermarket freezers. It’s made with only natural ingredients and tastes amazing!


These products are found in the refrigerated section of your supermarket. They make delicious organic products like vege luncheon, sausages and mince.


You can find these products in selected supermarket freezers. They have many products to choose from including chick’n tenders, fishless filets and meatless meatballs.

There are also many other brands of meat substitutes. Just make sure you check the labels. You can also try tofu and tempeh, yum!

Fish without the fishes

There are so many options out there! Get creative.


These products are available in the frozen department supermarkets.

Chickpea ‘tuna’

Have a go at making this chickpea ‘tuna’ mayo. Its great for sandwiches or salads. Check out the recipe here.

Banana blossom ‘fish’ and chips

Banana blossom can be bought in tins from supermarkets and Asian stores. Have a look at recipe here!