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Support a petition by collecting signatures.



Signing a petition shows the world that you support a much needed change. Collecting signatures for a petition shows community support for that change!


What is a petition?

A petition is a call for change, like banning greyhound racing in New Zealand, for example. A petition is supported and made stronger by people signing to show their support.

You can sign a petition or even collect signatures to show your support.


SAFE’s current petitions

Collecting petition signatures is easy! All you need to do is print one of the petition sheets below or follow the page link. You could ask for signatures from your friends, family and even school mates.


Free Hens from Cages


Top tips:

  • you can collect signatures from the public. Think of a place with lots of people who may have a moment to sign. If you decide to do this, make sure you have a caregiver or trusted adult to help keep you safe.
  • There are no requirements when signing our petitions. You can live anywhere in the world and be of any age.


If you have collected signatures on paper, you can send them to us by emailing [email protected]

Did you know you can make your own petition?

Not all petitions have to be in support of big change. You could start a petition to ban the use of caged eggs in your school canteen or supporting an alternative to dissection in your classrooms.

This petition could be signed by parents and students and handed to your school principal. Make sure you count the number of signatures you have and take photos when the petition is handed over.