Whales are wonderful. When surfacing, they can show a range of displays including breaching, spouting of water and tail slapping. Have you ever seen a whale display?

Animal Profile



Depending on the type of whale, they can live for up to 90 years.


Most whales have very good eyesight above and below the water.


Whales range in size from 2.6 metres long and 140 kg to 30 metres and 190 metric tonnes. The largest whale is the blue whale. Blue whales are also the biggest mammal in the world.


Toothed whales have teeth and baleen whales have rows of comb-like bristles that catch smaller sea-life such as krill.


The muscles in a whale’s tail starts at the back of their skull and reaches all the way to the tip of their tail.


Many whales will migrate huge distances throughout the year. Humpback whales undertake one of the longest migratory journeys of any mammal on the planet.

Did you know?

The blue whale has the loudest call of all whales. Both male and female whales can call to one another but it is only the male who sings.

Whale hello!

Pilot whales communicate using many sounds such as whines, buzzes, pulsed calls, clicks and whistles.

Did you know?

Fish are not the only ones to get caught in fishing nets. Whales can also get tangled in discarded fishing gear (also known as ‘ghost nets’). This can cause them to get injured or trapped.

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