Each frog will make a different call, depending on their species. Some can be heard from over 1km away, however native New Zealand frogs don’t have external eardrums and don’t make a sound.

Animal Profile



Frogs have very long legs used for hopping around.


Frogs have extremely good eyesight, perfect for spotting food and predators.


A frog can’t chew like humans can, so they must swallow their food in one big gulp. Some have a long sticky tongue that is perfect for catching and swallowing prey.


Frogs often have webbed toes which help them swim quickly through the water.


The main reason for a frog to croak is to attract a mate. You can usually tell what kind of frog is nearby by the croak they make.

Frogs in Aotearoa

There are four native and three introduced species of frogs in New Zealand. Our native species have unique characteristics. Find out more in our froggy newsletter.

Did you know?

Frogs are coldblooded and found on every continent except for Antarctica!

How many frogs?

Believe it or not, there are nearly 5,000 species of frogs in the world. The country with the largest variety of species is Brazil who have over 1,000 frogs species. The image above is of a poison dart frog.

Did you know?

The process of a tadpole becoming a frog is called metamorphosis.