When you see ducks peacefully floating in local rivers, lakes and wetlands you would never imagine they are in danger from humans.

Animal Profile



Ducks can live from seven to ten years.


Ducks have exceptional vision so they can keep a look out for predators.


A duck’s feathers keep them warm and dry.


Ducks have webbed feet for swimming. Their feel can’t feel the cold because there are no nerves or blood vessels in them.


Ducks have an amazing sense of touch, particularly in their bill. This helps them feel for their food in the water.

Males vs Females

Male ducks are more colourful than females. The plumage of female ducks is usually mostly shades of brown to keep them camouflaged while sitting on their nest.

Did you know?

A person who studies birds is called an ornithologist.

Together forever

When Paradise ducks choose a mate they stick together for life.

Did you know?

Bread is not healthy for ducks or their ducklings! If you are going to feed ducks, make sure it is something nutritious like oats, frozen peas or corn, rice or birdseed.