Dolphins are absolutely incredible. They are known for their playful personalities, high intelligence and the distinctive noises they make.

Animal Profile



Depending on the species, dolphins can live to be over 60 years old!

Eyes and ears

Dolphins have a keen sense of sight which helps them track down meals and keep a lookout for predators. They also have excellent hearing, both below and above water.


Dolphins have rows of small, cone-shaped teeth.

Fins and flippers

Dolphins use their dorsal fin for balance and their pectoral flippers for steering.


Dolphins are super smart and are among the few animals who can use tools. Dolphins are highly social and live and play in groups called pods.


Scientists have observed dolphins in Australian waters using sea sponges to cover their beaks when looking for food on the sharp seafloor. These dolphins also trap prey in large shells which they carry to the surface of the water and shake the contents into their mouths.

Did you know?

Dolphins have no sense of smell!

Dolphins in New Zealand

Nine species of dolphin can be found off the coasts of Aotearoa. The Māui dolphin is the world’s smallest dolphin and one of the rarest in the world. They can only be found on the West Coast of the North Island.

Did you know?

Orca, also known as killer whales, are dolphins, too!