A fish is a limbless, cold-blooded, vertebrate animal with gills and fins who lives in the water. Fishes are simply amazing. They are sentient, which means they can feel pain just like humans.

Animal Profile



Different fishes have different life expectancies, from just a couple of months to over 50 years.


Fishes have special eyes that allow them to see underwater. Some fish can even see ultraviolet light (which the human eye cannot detect).


Fishes have gills that allow them to breathe. Water will pass through these gills and the oxygen will be extracted and pushed out.


A fish’s scales are usually slimy to touch. This helps them swim quickly through the water.

Super senses

Fishes have the ability to detect electrical pulses from nearby creatures. These electrical pulses are caused by contracting muscles or heartbeats.

When a fish is not a fish at all

The following ‘fish’ are not fishes at all: shellfish, cuttlefish, starfish, crayfish and jellyfish.

Did you know?

Nearly 33,000 species of fishes have been discovered.


Fishes can drown if there is not enough oxygen dissolved in the water.

Flying fish

Flying fish can glide for around 50 metres above the water and can reach heights of up to six metres.