Rabbits are just amazing! They are smart, playful and social. They live in groups in burrows called warrens.

Animal Profile



Rabbits can live for up to 10 years.


Because rabbits are prey animals, their eyes are on the sides of their heads and they can see in nearly all directions at the same time.


Rabbits have strong back legs that they use for jumping. They can jump up to three metres.


Rabbits have excellent hearing and can detect far away sounds.


A rabbit has 28 teeth and they are all constantly growing. Rabbits grind their teeth down by chewing.

Please don’t pick me up

Because rabbits are prey animals, they are not very comfortable with being picked up. This can frighten them and make them want to run away.

Did you know?

A rabbit can move their ears independently of one another to work out where a sound is coming from.

A hoppy-happy bunny

When bunnies are happy they binky. This is when they run, jump, twist their bodies and flick their feet in delight.

Did you know?

Rabbits can feel a range of emotions such as contentment, love, grief, fear and anger, just like humans can!