Mice are clever and social creatures. They love to come out at night and nibble on treats. Mice tend to live in forests or fields but sometimes they can end up in your home!

Animal Profile



Mice live for around 12-18 months.


Mice have very poor eyesight. Their incredible sense of hearing and smell makes up for this.


Mice use their long whiskers to help them feel the space around them.


A mouse’s tail can grow to the same length as their body, if not longer!


Mice have teeth that grow at a rate of 0.3mm per day. They grind their teeth down by nibbling on all sorts of things!

The modest mouse

Mice are considered lucky in countries such as China where they are associated with good things like success and fortune.

Did you know?

Mice are excellent runners, jumpers and climbers because of their clawed feet. A mouse is so good at climbing that it can even run up a vertical surface.

Baby mice

A baby mouse is called a pup. When they are born they have no fur and are blind. It takes them around six weeks to reach adulthood.

Did you know?

Mice don’t actually like cheese. They can become very unwell when eating dairy and prefer natural foods such as grains or fruit.