Cows are wonderfully curious and sensitive beings. They form strong bonds with others in their herd as well as with their human companions.

Animal Profile



Cattle can live between 18-25 years.


Cattle are prey animals and their eyes are located on the sides of their head to help them spot predators.

Sense of smell

Cows have a great sense of smell – they will avoid places that smell of urine or blood.


Cows’ udders are divided into four quarters, each with a teat. If one quarter is empty, there will always be another full one.


A cow has horns to defend themselves and their herd from predators, as well as for fighting for dominance.

Best friends

Cows form close friendships and like to spend their time with their friends.

Did you know?

Cattle are ungulates, meaning they have hooves. Their hooves are split into two parts and are made from the same material as human fingernails.


Calves can drink up to 12 litres of milk per day. Human babies drink less than 1 litre of milk per day!

Only one stomach

Cows do not actually have four stomachs – their stomachs have four separate chambers. This helps them break down the grass and vegetation they eat.