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Free hens and win prizes!

August 20th, 2021

Can you use your voice to help hens, and win prizes at the same time? Today in New Zealand over 2.3 million hens are trapped inside cages. Some are trapped in colony cages, others are trapped in battery cages. A cage is a cage and hens need you to help them have a better life!

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We want the Government to free hens from cages by banning all caged hen farming in New Zealand. Hens are clever, curious and social birds. Outside, they love to spend their days scratching for food, dustbathing and basking in the sun.

Make your voice heard.

We need you to gather signatures for a petition asking the Government to free hens and ban cages. SAFE will give all of the signatures you have gathered to the New Zealand Parliament. Your opinions matter! And as a bonus, you will be in to win some fantastic prizes in our Free Hens from Cages Petition Competition.


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