School Strike 4 Climate Action

Take action during the next School Strike!

September 12th, 2019

We all know that the best way to show we care about animals is by not eating them but did you know that the farming of animals has a huge impact on New Zealand’s natural environment, too? 

Did you know?

  • The greenhouse gasses produced by raising animals to eat is more than any other source, including the exhaust of all transportation in the world.
  • One cow produces as much waste as 14 people. There are over 10 million cattle in New Zealand alone.
  • It takes one thousand litres of water to produce 1 litre of milk – that’s like spending 20 minutes in the shower every time you have a glass of milk!

So, we are asking Animal Squad members to take action during the next School Strike 4 Climate Action. We need to let the Government know that we care about animals and the environment and declare a climate emergency.

When: Friday 27th September

Where: Find a strike near you 


Get ready

  • Get together with your friends and family and make some signs or banners that show how you feel about the link between animal agriculture and climate change. A brightly coloured placard with a strong slogan will stand out.
  • If you plan on attending an event, make sure you check the weather forecast and dress accordingly. Even if it looks like it will be a nice day, it’s a good idea to take a spare jacket and don’t forget your hat and sunscreen!

On the day

Check out the map to find where your nearest strike is being held. 

Note: it is really important to get permission from your parent or caregiver! If you do decide to attend, you must have an adult with you.

Can’t go to the strike?

It would be a shame to let those signs and banners go to waste! Even if you don’t have a strike near you or you can’t get permission, there are still heaps of things you can do to show you care about climate change:

  • Organise a lunchtime strike – bring your signs to school and hold a strike during your lunchtime break. Make sure you let your teacher and classmates know well in advance so they can join you. You may even want to organise a school-wide demonstration.
  • Climate change strike at home – Organise your own march at home. Make a plan with your family to, perhaps after school, walk around the block or stand outside your house with your signs for your whole neighbourhood to see. 

As always, we would love to see what you get up to. Send us your photos or videos here.