Great Reads

A reading list for animal lovers

March 7th, 2019

Looking for a good read? We’ve got you covered with five wonderful books – just perfect for animal lovers.

Charlotte’s Web – E. B. White

Born on a farm, Wilbur the pig soon learns that he is destined for the farmer’s dinner plate! His good friends Charlotte the spider, Templeton the rat and Fern the farmer’s daughter are determined to save him from this grim fate. Charlotte’s Web is a popular children’s classic that celebrates friendship, love, life and even death.

Sky – Ondine Sherman

Sky moves in with her aunt and uncle after the passing of her mother. Being vegan isn’t easy in a rural town and that’s not all Sky has on her plate. After witnessing a case of animal cruelty, she needs to make some tough choices. Will Sky risk everything to stand up for what she believes in?

Black Beauty – Anna Sewell

For horse lovers everywhere, this wonderful classic is about Black Beauty and his life with different human companions. Some treat him nicely while others treat him very badly. He tells us about being a working horse in the late 1800s and his dreams of living in a paddock with plenty of grass.

Amanda the Teen Activist – Catherine Kelaher

Can one girl save the lives of hundreds of hens? Amanda discovers a factory farm on her school’s doorstep. Once she realises what a terrible life these chickens have, Amanda vows to save them. This book looks at what difference a 13-year-old activist can really make.

The Magic Finger – Roald Dahl

The Magic Finger is about a girl with some troublesome neighbours. You see, the neighbours like to hunt and the girl doesn’t like that. She thinks it’s wrong for people to hunt animals for fun and when she gets angry, her magic finger takes over. She turns them all into birds!

So, what did you think? Would you recommend one of these books or did your favourite story about animals not make the list? Tell us all about it here.