Happy Holidays!

Keep chickens off your plate this Christmas

December 13th, 2018

Season’s Greetings!

What does Christmas mean to you? For me, it means spending time with loved ones and sharing a delicious meal. Christmas is also a great time to help end the suffering of animals such as chickens bred for meat. But how can you make a difference?

Unfortunately, the chickens we raise to eat don’t get happy lives. They live in large dark sheds with thousands of other birds. It gets really loud and stinky. Many chickens die in these conditions. An average chicken can live up to 6 years. These chickens are sent to be slaughtered at around 6 weeks old. They are still only chicks.

Just like us, chickens can have strong family bonds. They care for and look after one another. They have personalities and can feel pain or distress. It’s sad that so many of them get eaten at Christmas time. If you are going to have a chicken for dinner, make sure you give them a good seat at the table!

What’s your Christmas wish? If you’re like me, you probably want a better world for chickens and all animals. I’m so excited that kids like you are wanting to live in a kinder world. Here are a couple of ways to make your wish come true:

Plan ahead: talk to a parent or guardian before the holiday. Let them know that having a vegan option is really important to you. We have some yummy recipes here for a cruelty-free Christmas.

Get baking: These gingerbread cookies are the perfect Christmas gift or dessert. You can spread the cruelty-free love and show others how delicious vegan baking can be!

So, give the gift of life this holiday season. Spread the love to those who cannot speak for themselves.

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Merry Christmas from SAFE Animal Squad!

P.S. Meet rescue chicken Pounamu, who will be spending Christmas with her chicken friends: