Clean-up for Animals

Help protect marine life these school holidays

January 17th, 2019

Back in the winter of 2018, members of the SAFE Animal Squad and other keen kids took to the beach as part of the Christchurch’s KidsFest to clean up rubbish for animals.

Twenty-five kids came down to help clean the beach, with many bringing parents and guardians along.

This small crowd cleaned up near the pier – a busy and litter-filled part of New Brighton beach.

Each year more than seven million tons of rubbish makes its way into the sea. Marine animals such as fish, dolphins, whales, turtles, crustaceans and sea birds are affected by this rubbish.

Many animals get stuck or tangled in plastic or old fishing line and, if unable to move properly, will starve. Floating trash, such as bits of fireworks and cigarette butts, can be mistaken for food and eaten by marine animals, causing internal problems.

It’s not just boat and ships responsible for this mess – around 80{dd4541f50f93f46e6c174aa231d104f4ab66489211f75a13b5a124a6061dd1c8} of this rubbish comes from cities and towns. The rubbish and waste also pollutes and destroys ecosystems.

Summer is the perfect time to clean up the beach. Not only is the weather warmer but there are more people visiting the beach, meaning a higher chance of rubbish being left behind!

If you want to complete your own beach clean-up and help marine animals, look in your community notices for a group already doing one, or use our Beach Clean-up Guide and Animals and Rubbish resources to do your own beach clean-up with family and friends.

Not near a beach? No problem. Your local park, forest, lake or river may be in need of a clean-up.

Even if you don’t want to organise a beach clean-up, you can always make it part of a beach walk or picnic. When you are visiting the beach or any public space, make sure you take any rubbish from the beach and dispose of it correctly – either by taking it home or finding a rubbish bin.

Our beaches and oceans should be clean and safe for everybody to enjoy, especially those who live there!

Keep a look out for the SAFE Animal Squad annual beach clean-up as part of the 2019 KidsFest in July. We look forward to seeing you there!

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