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Why I'm the luckiest dog in the world!

April 20th, 2020

Day one of lockdown

Something is wrong. The humans are being weird. Normally, at this time of the morning, I’m sitting on the sofa, chewing my foot and watching the morning rush, then the front door slams and they’re gone. Without me. For a whole, entire day!

But not today. Today is different. Both mum and Macey are home (yay!), but something is different. Apparently, we’re in ‘lockdown.’ I’m worried. I tried rolling over and showing my belly, but they didn’t notice. Normally, when I do this, I get a big cuddle, but not today. No one’s noticing me. I’m not sure what to do. I think I’ll go back to chewing my foot.


Day two

Today was better. The humans have been baking and watching funny animal videos. I have made Macey laugh too. She giggled when I sang along to the radio. I also hung out with mum in the garden. She and Macey took me for a walk in the afternoon, but the humans I met didn’t pat me. I normally get lots of pats from strangers. Not today. Not sure why…


Day three

Lockdown is a busy time for a dog! After breakfast, Macey and I played fetch, then I helped mum in the garden in the afternoon. I kept getting called a ‘gooooooood boooooy’ even though I hadn’t done anything. I scored THREE EXTRA TREATS today and didn’t even have to ‘sit’ for them! They took me for a really long walk, and I’m exhausted, so I’ll sign off now.


Day five

Harumphhh! I’ve been woken up TWICE today, both times from the best dream ever (about hedgehogs), and both times by Macey calling me for a game of fetch. Grrr. I know someone has to get the ball and I’m a professional fetcher, but COME ON!!


Day six? Seven?

Uninterrupted nap time seems to be thing of the past. Now I’m going on the longest walks, where we do multiple loops of the park, which is pointless, because I have already smelt all the smells on the first loop. I’m rescuing tennis balls from dawn ‘til dusk and I’m exhausted. GRRR!  Seriously, I’ll be glad when lockdown is over.


Day blah blah, whatever

There is literally NO PEACE! Stupid long walks smelling the same smells, interrupted naps…AND, to make it worse, I have been asked to stop chewing my foot. My own foot. It’s MY FOOT! When will my humans go back to work and leave me in peace?

Mum made me watch a documentary about homeless dogs. The dogs in the shelter don’t get to go on walks and their naps are never interrupted, because they have no humans to play with. One of them chewed his foot so much, he had to wear the CONE OF SHAME! Mum said, ‘you don’t know how lucky you are,’ and I suppose she’s right.


Day who cares! I’m a dog!

Who’s a lucky boy? I’m a lucky boy! I’ve decided I’m going to enjoy every day that my humans are home. Because once they are back at work and school, I know I will miss them. I can still chew my foot (when they are distracted), and I can nap under the bed, which is the dog equivalent of a ‘do not disturb’ sign. Macey and I made up a new game for walks called ‘spot the dog toy in the window.’

Lockdown is THE BEST!

A message from SAFE Animal Squad

We know things are a bit different right now. We are not sure when we can go back to work or school, and passing the time until then can be tricky. What fun things have you been doing at home during the lockdown? Perhaps you would like to write about what your companion animal has been up to.


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