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Start up an animal rights group at school.



Sometimes taking a stand for animals can be lonely. Joining forces with others who feel the same as you can create a like-minded community and inspire action!


It’s important to know what certain words mean when starting up your animal rights club. Here are some key definitions to get you started:

  • Animal rights group: A group where everyone agrees that animals are not meant to be used by humans for food, to wear, for entertainment, to hunt, for sport or to be used in experiments. 
  • Activist: Someone who actively campaigns to bring about political or social change. They may do this by speaking out, sharing information, writing letters, recording evidence or providing direct care for those in need.
  • Animal activist: Someone whose intentions are focused on protecting and improving the lives of animals.

What you'll need

A group of classmates who love animals!
A space to meet - maybe an empty classroom or space on the lawn
Ideas on how your group can make a difference for animals
Pen and paper to write down your plans


  • Get your group together.
  • Think up a name for your animal rights group.
  • Decide on what you want to do for animals. Do you want a group that looks at all animals? Maybe you want to look at one animal or issue in particular.
  • What will happen in your club? You could have regular meetings and information sessions, organising fundraising or spreading awareness. 
  • Want others to join your group? Talk to your classmates and friends. You could consider putting an advert on the school notice board or magazine. What are the rules for joining your club? Can anyone join?